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SAMMO Senior High School has a very active and involved guidance department, providing many services to our students. Not only do our counselors provide academic advice regarding course selection and scheduling, they also educate the students about life style choices. In addition, the counselors provide both group and individual consultations.  The counseling team continues to keep updated on current adolescent issues via workshops, classes, etc.


Our dedicated academic advisers support the educational experiences of each SAMMO SHS student to help them attain their individual goals and objectives. Advisers engage with students right upon admission as they help determine appropriate course placement and plan a programme of study that will fit well into the student’s ability. They continue to monitor students’ progress to buttress academic success.


There is a Chaplaincy Committee which is charged with the responsibility – of seeing to the spiritual growth of our students. The Committee draws programmes that aim at promoting the spiritual health and growth of students.

Religious activities/programmes include Morning Devotions, Scripture Union Fellowship, Sunday Morning Denominational Service, Sunday Evening Joint Worship Services, Carols Services, Thanksgiving Services, Campus Crusades, and Christian Movie shows as well as Inter-denominational Bible Quiz.

NB: Though christian religious activities are compulsory and widely promoted by the school, we also have a campus mosque to cater for the needs of our students who practice Islam