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Sammo High School is truly a great school. It is a privilege to be part of the rich traditions of excellence that exist at Sammo in academics and co-curricular programs. I encourage all of our students to become involved with school activities, make a commitment to academic excellence, and be a contributor to the special spirit that exists on our beautiful campuses.
Our school has long been widely regarded as a Destination of hope for the ‘academic hopeless.’  And this is because we strongly believe there is something good in every child and that all students can achieve and succeed! We, as a professional staff, are here to make it happen.
Indeed, academic achievement, student success, and campus safety are our highest priorities for Sammo High School. The staff is committed to setting high standards and maintaining the best educational environment for all students.  Our shared dedication to the people who comprise our school community defines us. As a sensitive, caring, tolerant and nurturing community, we encourage young people to take risks and, in the process, to grow. We expect all our students to make a personal commitment to achieve, be involved in school activities, look for the good in all people, and make good decisions. Thus, in Sammo, we aspire to an extraordinarily ambitious commitment to education, a commitment that rests on the goodwill and enthusiastic participation of our entire school community. What better setting could a student possibly find to pursue a passion for living a meaningful and rewarding life other than Sammo?
We hope you will consider a visit to our campuses so that we can greet you in person and share with you more about Sammo High School. Our School campuses are a great place! Our parents, students, staff, and community share in a special sense of honor and pride regarding the school. Students will always be encouraged to work hard, be positive, wear a smile, and be contributors to the special spirit that exists on our beautiful campuses.
 We are Great Sammosec! Your destination of hope! And our students are Proud Sammorians!
I warmly welcome you and encourage you to take a chance with us.
Winston Mills-Lamptey, MA, B.eD (Mathematics)