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SAMMO prides itself as being the oldest and best remedial school in the Central Region of Ghana now. So far, it has offered many students the opportunity to make their grades better and resurrect their academic dream. Indeed it is the success of the REMEDIAL SECTION of the school that motivated the founder to establish the Senior High School. And every year we have hundreds of our students gaining admission into Ghana’s public and private tertiary institutions. No student takes our remedial courses without getting satisfied results which can enable him/her pursue further studies in higher institutions of learning.

The school provides uninterrupted teaching and tutorial services in a congenial teaching and learning environment. Its proximity to Central Region’s premier university, University of Cape Coast, is a major strength since students have access to a host of facilities and entertainment which make learning lively. We also have some of the lecturers taking up part time teaching appointment at the School to augment the effort of our highly skilled and experienced tutors most of whom are seasoned WAEC EXAMINERS. Their presence inspires the students because they serve as role models to many. Come and begin the process of changing your (academic) future by benefiting from dynamic learning environment that encourages:

  • Regular Class exercises
  • Special tutorial sessions outside of the official class schedules
  • Monthly examinations
  • Effective mock examinations
  • Past questions for practice

The effective mechanisms put in place at our school ensures quality tuition and learning. We offer remedial classes in all the core subject (ie English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies) as well as other elective subjects in Science, Business, General Arts, Home Economics, and Visual Arts
* We have affordable hostel facilities for students.
* SAMMO SCHOOL premises is a registered and recognized WAEC exam centre since year 2004
* We register students for the Private (NOV/DEC) West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) with guaranteed success.