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  1. Students are to wear the school uniform during school/class hours
  2. Students may wear their various house jerseys when they are back in the dormitories after school
  3. Girls are to wear their appropriate “check” and Boys are to be in their Khaki trousers and white shirts when coming to the academic area after school hours.
  4. Students are to look neat and groomed at all times.


  1. Going to the dining hall during meals is compulsory for all Boarding students.
  2. Eating in the dining hall during meal times is also compulsory
  3. Prepared food from home is allowed only on visiting days and must be delivered by parents or guardians known by school authorities.
  4. Food must not be sent to students through any means (e.g. S.T.C., E.M.S., People unknown by school authorities)


  1.  Students are visited only on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month.
  2.  Visitors are to be received at the specified areas in the school-ie The Visitors’ Pavilion
  3.  Students are not to sit in cars to entertain visitors.
  4.  Visitors from other High Schools must be in their prescribed uniforms and their school ties.
  5.  Under no circumstance should visitors be allowed into the hostel/dormitories.


  1.  Every student is expected to take part in the cleaning of the school supervised by prefects.


  1.  The school does not believe in extravagance. Students are not to be given huge sums of money at any given time as pocket money.
  2.  Students must be content with what they have.
  3.  Stealing attracts severe sanctions.


  1. Students can use the pay phone in the school over the weekends. Emergency calls are handled in the Headmaster or various housemasters’ offices.
  2.  Mobile phones are strictly prohibited
  3.  Parcels (other than food) can be sent to students. They are received at the school’s gate and properly documented and distributed to students at a given time after school.


  1.  On re-opening days students are to report before 5 p.m.
  2.  Once the student enters the school, official permission must be sought if s/he wants to go out of the school.
  3.  Failure to report back to school on re-opening days attract serious punishment.


  1.  Students are given exeats by their respective housemasters when it is extremely necessary.
  2.  The maximum number of exeats each student is permitted to take within an academic term is three (3).


  1. School functions and gatherings are compulsory for all students. And students must be properly dressed and report on time for school functions.


  1. Rising
  2. Grounds work
  3. Silent hour
  4. Morning Assembly (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)
  5. Classes
  6. Breakfast
  7. Classes
  8. Break
  9. Classes
  10. Lunch
  11. Rest Hour / Siesta
  12. Extra-curricular activities
  13. Supper
  14. Evening Studies
  15. Lights Out

NB: Students are encouraged to read the SAMMO STUDENTS’ HANDBOOK for other equally important school rules and regulations